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Hey people.
Well, to start off, my name is Jen. I just joined LJ [well, not really, but I'm just starting to be active on it now.]
and I really have no clue how to do anything on it.
So, yeah. =D
I guess I'll say random stuff about me.

1. I love horses and hope to be getting my own soon.
2. Ashley Tisdale is my role model, I look up to her so much.
3. I think Lucas Grabeel and Brandon Baker are the hottest males on the Earth.
4. I care about the environment.
5. I love any kind of animal.
6. I love to look my best. I could shop for cute clothes and accessories all day.
7. I like to make graphics.
8. My puppy is my best friend.

That's all I can think of for now.
So.... I guess that's it.
Peace out!

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